Three elements of artificial plant wall design

Issuing time:2018-03-27 00:00


The installation and design of the artificial plant wall is not a simple installation and accumulation of plants, but a certain aesthetic element. In addition to playing its decorative role, it is also necessary to show the three-dimensional beauty. Let's introduce the three elements of the artificial plant wall design.

1.color: the color of the simulation plant wall is its greatest advantage. It not only softens the visual space, relieves the visual fatigue, but also decorates the wall, It seems that color collocation is very important. So when you are designing the artificial plant wall, it must be to mix well with the surrounding environment and furniture. Don't need to be too bright, not too plain, and lack of freshness.

2.Layout: the whole layout of the artificial plant wall is realized mainly through line and body, for example, through the full plant and bushes to create the main rhythm, Through uneven levels to create a sense of strewn at random. Don't mix up too neat and plain. The beauty of nature not in tidy but in a cluttered beauty.

3. Tidiness: fresh plants are cultivated carefully by labour. And artificial plants require daily cleaning to make plants flourish.

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